About InvestingLeads.com

The internet has evolved significantly in the past 10 years, and in turn so have the channels and strategies available to direct marketers in the financial industry. Cost per click (CPC), cost per lead or action (CPL/CPA), and co-registration strategies have surfaced as sustainable channels to acquire new leads.

InvestingLeads.com is a performance marketing company. In other words, we operate on a per lead basis and you are only subject to pay only for leads delivered (or when an action is taken).

Our goal is to deliver high quality, exclusive opt-in leads at the best price available. InvestingLeads.com serves a large variety of segments in the financial space, ranging from forex, commodities, stocks, options, mutual funds, brokerage, penny stocks, investor relations, and many more.

Most importantly, our leads are acquired from Tier-1 web properties, influential financial blogs, investment education and research properties, and major search engine result placements. InvestingLeads.com maintains a strict quality standard in order to maintain the integrity of our exclusive leads.

Perhaps best of all is our performance fee structure. You only pay for valid leads, period. No management, data, or infrastructure costs are passed on to our clients. Our low fees are structured into the cost billed per lead so you can effectively calculate ROI. We currently offer scrub and no-scrub options for our clients as well.

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